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race footage


In-car race footage


October 20, 2018 - SCCA national championship runoffs - sonoma raceway

The nation’s best Formula F racers fought for the 2018 National Championship. Here is helmet-cam footage of the full race from Brad Hayes in the #74 Piper DL7-Honda. Be sure to watch to the end for a close battle between Brad and Joe Hopkins to the checkered flag.

April 8, 2018 - scca majors - thunderhill raceway park - willows, ca

With a strong field of 16 cars entered, there was some great wheel to wheel racing at the front of the pack. Here is the view from Nicky's car, as he battled for most of the race with Skip Streets, Chuck Horn, Rick Payne, and Denny Renfrow.

March 18, 2018 - scca regionals - laguna seca, monterey, CA

After a wet Friday and Saturday, the weather had cleared for Sunday's Race #2. Brad Hayes started from pole, but lost the lead to Ethan Shippert in Turn 2. And that is how they would finish, with Ethan taking the win, and Brad coming home in 2nd. Full race video from Brad's helmet cam is below:

January 14, 2018 - scca majors - auto club speedway, fontana, ca

Nicky Hays started from the pole, slipped back at the start, but then regained the lead to take the win in Sunday's featured race. Full race footage from Nicky's #4 car is below:


For the Sunday race, we experimented with a helmet mounted camera in the #7 car driven by Brad Hayes. After starting in 6th position, Brad slips back at the start, and then battles back to finish in 4th place. Full race footage is below:

September 29, 2017 - SCCA National championship runoffs - indianapolis motor speedway

The CBS Sports race broadcast can now be viewed here:

My in car video from the race is below...

July 30, 2017 - SFR SCCA regionals - Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA

The July 28 - 30 weekend marked my second visit to Laguna Seca. We won the Saturday race, but my normally trusty video camera decided not to record any of that race. The Sunday race did not have the same storybook ending. I had some trouble with different class cars, people spinning in front of me, people passing me under yellow, and an inability to overcome the defensive driving of one of my close competitors. I finished 4th on Sunday. I did improve my lap times further though, getting down in to the low 1:37s. Running the second fastest lap of the race behind winner Scott Huffaker. And for the Sunday race we did get some good video of the hard, yet sometimes frustrating racing...

July 2, 2017 - SFR SCCA regionals - Sonoma Raceway, sonoma, ca

June 29 - July 2 we were racing in the San Francisco Regional races at Sonoma Raceway. The weekend started with a test day on Thursday, which was a good chance to get better acclimated to this technically challenging track. I steadily progressed through the first part of the weekend, getting quicker with each sessions. But then Saturday, an old nemesis showed up. Several years ago I had some spinal issues that severely compressed a nerve and caused numbness and loss of strength in my left leg. And in Saturday's race, that problem popped back up. So I struggled through the rest of the weekend with a numb left leg and foot. Not ideal considering I left foot brake in the race car. Not a good situation to not have full control of the foot that is responsible for the brake pedal. But once I realized what was happening, I was able to manage it by being more conservative in the braking zones. While my ultimate lap times were not as quick as they needed to be, I was still able to get more comfortable with the tougher sections of the track. I was pretty quick up through the fast turn 1. And got better and better through the esses. I finished 4th in the Sunday race, and rolled the car back on the trailer to fight another day. Here is the in-car video from the Sunday race...

june 4, 2017 - SFR SCCA Regionals - laguna seca, monterey, CA

My first trip to Laguna Seca was a learning experience. The good....after Doug Learned Jr and Sr basically had to build a complete car after my Thunderhill crash, the "new" car performed flawlessly. As always there car prep was superb. The bad....I struggled to get comfortable in some of the more technical sections of the track. I was never comfortable enough to carry max speed through Turn 9. And I never carried enough speed through Turn 5 to have a good run through 6 and up the hill to the Corkscrew. End the end I finished 2nd in both races. And we rolled a clean car back on the trailer at the end of the day. But I was well off the track record setting pace of Chuck Horn. I did have some fun wheel to wheel racing with Mike Bernstein both days, finishing just ahead of him on Saturday, and just behind him on Sunday. Here is the in-car video from the Sunday race...

April 2, 2017 - SCCA MAjors - Thunderhill raceway park, willows, ca

For Sunday's race, Doug Learned had made a couple of changes to the car, and I was feeling confident with my pace. I started Sunday's race in 5th position overall, fourth in my class. At the start, the three lead FF cars (Chuck Horn, Skip Streets, Rick Payne) got around the polesitting F500 class car of Jeff Jorgenson. Unfortunately, I did not make it clear of the F500 car, and had to settle in behind Jeff through turn 1. While I spent the next few laps looking for a way around Jeff, the three FF leaders started to pull away. I was able to finally pass Jeff as he went wide in turn 1, and now I was chasing down the leaders. At this point, I had set fast lap of the race. I was able catch the lead pack, and had a front row seat to watch Chuck, Skip, and Rick battle for the lead. But this is where things turned bad. Rick had moved to the front, and Chuck and Skip were battling for second when they touched wheels exiting the high speed turn 1. They spin, and I had no where to go. Skip and Rick would continue on, with Skip eventually taking the win.

March 12,2017 - SCCA SFR Regional - thunderhill raceway park, willows, ca

This was my first trip to Thunderhill. It was fun, frustrating, fast, slow, a little bit of everything. Learned a lot. Started the second race in 3rd place. Had a great start and was leading through turn 1. Then fell to 2nd after turn 2. Later in the race I had a good battle for 2nd place with Steve Meyer for several laps. But I finished my race by spinning off in turn 3 with just a couple of laps to go. Major disappointment as it was clearly a driver error that ended my day. But the car is still in one piece, just a little dirtier than normal. And I'll be back to Thunderhill March 30 - April 2 to take what I learned and put it all together for a better showing. Here is the in-car video from the Sunday race...

January 15, 2017 - SCCA Majors - Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, California